Lemon Law Claims In Virginia

Does Virginia have a Lemon Law?

Virginia does have a "Lemon Law." It is called the Virginia Motor Vehicle Enforcement Act. It protects consumers from unfair vehicle warranties and holds the manufacturer accountable for their products. Virginia’s Lemon Law even covers leased vehicles and reasonable attorney’s fees.

How do I know if my vehicle is a "Lemon"?

If you have tried unsuccessfully to have your new vehicle (registered/purchased in Virginia) repaired three or more times for the same problem (one time for a serious safety defect), or the vehicle has been out of service for more than thirty days, your vehicle may be classified as a lemon under the Virginia Motor Vehicle Enforcement Act.

Virginia’s "Lemon Law" generally must be filed with the courts within 18 months of the original date of purchase.

What is my remedy under the Lemon Law?

If your new vehicle is a lemon, Virginia’s Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to refund your money or replace the vehicle.

To view Virginia’s Lemon Law: Virginia Motor Vehicle Enforcement Act