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What Is The Average Workers’ Comp Settlement For A Neck Injury In VA?

Many people don’t think too much of neck injuries, believing that a crick in the neck will soon go away by itself. But if you’ve injured your neck while on the job, you know it’s more than just a stiff neck. A neck injury makes it difficult for you to work and live normally. You may have suffered excruciating pain, requiring you to take days off work and spend some money for pain treatment. If your injury is severe, you may need advanced treatments such as surgery.

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What Is The Average Workers’ Comp Settlement For A Shoulder Injury In VA?

Getting injured on the job is stressful and costly, especially when it involves the shoulder, a very important joint in the body. What is a fair workers’ compensation for a shoulder injury? There is no true ‘average’ settlement amount because each case is unique. However, we can look at certain factors affecting the value of your claim, and consider them in the calculation of Virginia workers’ comp.

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