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It is an unfortunate reality that no matter how careful you are as a motorist, you could still be sharing the road with negligent parties that could get you involved in an accident. In Virginia, hundreds of thousands of auto accidents occur each year. In 2017 alone, our state had a total of 127,375 car crashes, injuring 65,306 people and tragically killing 843.

If you have suffered car crash injuries, or if you have lost a loved one in such an accident, know that the law may be on your side. With the help of an experienced accident attorney, you may be able to obtain compensation and regain your sense of peace.

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We are a homegrown accident law firm with a true dedication to the injured and the bereaved. Attorney Slominski has been successfully helping Virginians like you for over 25 years get full and fair compensation for their injuries and other damages.

What To Do After A Car Crash

The time immediately after an accident is crucial, not only for your medical care but also for your compensation claim. Remember to do the following as soon as you can:

  • Get help for injuries. Don’t hesitate to call 911 if there are apparent injuries. Avoid making any self-assessment as this could impact your claim later on. Even saying “I’m fine” could be interpreted wrongly to downplay your injury. Let medical professionals tend to you first.
  • Report to the police. It is our legal duty to report a car accident to the police. File a police report but make sure to stick to the facts, avoiding statements you are not sure of. Then, obtain a copy of your accident report as this will be useful in your claim.
  • Gather evidence. Document as much as you can – take photos of the scene, keep medical records of your injuries, and gather receipts and bills of your related expenses. Also, while still at the scene, talk to potential witnesses and ask for their contact information.
  • Practice caution when speaking. You may call your insurance agent, and you may be contacted by the other driver’s insurer. Be careful what you say in these conversations, as certain statements could be used against your claim.
  • Contact a lawyer. It is best that you are protected by an attorney right from the start. Your lawyer can speak for you and help you avoid costly mistakes. At the very least, consult with an attorney about your accident – at Slominski Law, your initial consultation is completely free.

What Caused Your Car Accident?

Determining – and proving – how your car crash happened can be complex. Slominski Law works with accident analysts and reconstruction experts to get to the bottom of each case and effectively establish the other party’s negligence.

These are some of the common car accident causes in the U.S.:

  • Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that as much as 27 percent of vehicle crashes involved at least one driver who was speeding. In Virginia, 23,948 of the crashes in 2017 were speed-related.
  • Drunk-driving. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 28 people in the US are killed each day in motor vehicle crashes involving a drunk driver. That’s about one death every 51 minutes. This trend is reflected in Virginia, where 7,285 of the crashes in 2017 were alcohol-related.
  • Distracted driving. The CDC also states that accidents involving distracted drivers kill an average of 9 people and injure more than 1,000 every day.
  • Car defects. Malfunctioning car parts and poor vehicle design contribute to serious accidents in the US. Examples of these defects are tire blowouts, brake failures, and rollover-prone designs. The NHTSA even says that nearly 35 percent of passenger vehicle deaths are due to rollovers.

Other Potentially Liable Parties In A Crash

Did you know that aside from a negligent driver, other parties may also be considered liable in a car accident?

An example is a manufacturer of defective vehicles or car parts. As we have pointed out, car defects are a common factor in serious crashes, which is why we occasionally hear of auto companies that have to recall their products. If a safety defect could have played a role in your accident – especially if it was a single-vehicle crash – it may be worth it to discuss this with your lawyer.

Another angle worth exploring is the responsibility of public agencies. There are plenty of accidents that have been found to be caused by dangerous roads – they have bad road design, poor construction, inadequate maintenance, or poor traffic systems. If a government agency is responsible for these conditions, it may be found liable for related accidents. However, there are special procedures when claiming against a public agency, so you’ll want to consult your attorney on this.

Aside from a thorough investigation, it takes extensive legal knowledge and sharp reasoning skills to establish the liability of each party in your car accident. We at Slominski Law are experienced in this assessment, and we can use this skill to pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

Virginia Auto Accident Settlements – How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

Just how much can you receive in a successful car accident claim? This really depends on the facts of your accident, such as how severe your injuries are and what circumstances led to the crash.

In general, you may receive compensation for two types of damages. One is economic damages, which are those that have a clear monetary value like hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, lost income, and lost earning capacity. The other type is non-economic damages, which are less tangible but can be assigned a dollar value. Examples are emotional distress, disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

If you are pursuing justice for the death of a loved one, your monetary compensation may cover losses such as funeral and burial costs, loss of shared benefits, and loss of companionship.

In certain circumstances, you may also be awarded punitive damages. This amount is not meant as compensation for your losses but as a form of punishment for the at-fault party. Punitive damages apply only when there was extraordinary recklessness involved in the accident, and so this type of damages is seldom awarded.

Insurance adjusters may approach you soon after your accident and offer you an amount for settlement. Consult an attorney first. Accepting lowball insurance offers is a common mistake among accident victims, giving them much less than they deserve. Before you agree to anything, consult with us at Slominski Law for knowledgeable guidance on your rights and what you are entitled to.

Do You Need a Lawyer For a Car Accident Settlement in Virginia?

If you have been seriously injured it’s in your best interest to retain an experienced accident lawyer to fight on your behalf to ensure you get the care and compensation you truly deserve for your injuries. Insurance companies are known for using delay, deny and defend tactics to minimize the true value of your claim. So it’s wise to at least consult with a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

Attorney Slominski and all of our staff work diligently to help Virginians obtain the justice and compensation they deserve. These are only some of the things we do to help you succeed in your car accident claim:

  • Determine the maximum compensation you may obtain
  • Guide you in your legal options and next steps
  • Help you gather evidence and testimony to support your case
  • Work with experts such as doctors, accident reconstruction analysts, and forensic engineers to build a strong case for you
  • Assert your case against insurance companies or defense lawyers, in or out of court
  • Provide you with consistent updates and clear answers so that you are always on top of your case
  • Treat you with respect, patience, and compassion to help lighten the weight of your ordeal.

Don’t worry about lawyer fees. With Slominski Law, your attorney won’t charge you unless and until we obtain compensation for you.

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