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Lynchburg / Roanoke Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Lynchburg / Roanoke Construction Site Accident Lawyer

The United States Department of Labor has classed construction site accidents as among the most likely in any industry. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), construction accounts for more than 20% of all occupational fatalities in the United States. 

The hazards of construction work have been classified by OSHA into four deadly categories. Accidents involving these four categories include: 

  •    falls
  •    being struck by an object
  •    electrocution
  •    getting caught or trapped between objects and/or equipment

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Construction Site Accidents: The Most Common Causes 

Simply stated, construction work is one of the most hazardous jobs around.

In fact, OSHA has classified the hazards that come with this job into four lethal (leading to death) categories:


For obvious reasons, construction work involves massive, dangerous equipment that frequently places laborers at high elevations and puts them at risk of falling. Ladders, scaffolding, cranes, and other heavy-duty machinery are examples of such equipment. When such equipment isn’t set up properly, isn’t operated as intended, or isn’t properly maintained, the construction site becomes a virtual death trap. 

Falls account for over one-third of fatal construction site fatalities, making them the most common cause of death.


Electrocution accidents are nearly as common as accidents involving falling objects in the construction site. Electrocutions account for roughly 9% of all fatalities in the workplace. Unfortunately, construction work requires working with electricity in a variety of ways, and when this hazardous aspect of the job isn’t properly regulated for safety, construction workers are exposed to higher risks.

Falling objects 

Falling objects account for about 11% of construction fatalities. Heavy loads and tools, construction debris, and bulk raw materials are frequently lifted and transported during construction operations. Serious falling-object mishaps can occur when building sites are not properly maintained and these objects are not monitored closely with a strictly implemented safety approach.

Caught or Trapped Between Heavy Objects 

Huge, complex machinery is commonly used on construction sites. These machines are frequently used to carry big construction items. While all of these construction elements are harmful in and of themselves, they become significantly more dangerous if you become wedged, entangled, or trapped by or in between them. More than 7% of all construction site fatalities are caused by caught-in-between mishaps.

Catastrophic Injuries 

Workers’ compensation particularly covers catastrophic injuries, which are defined as injuries that are both severe and permanent, preventing victims from working in any capacity. Such injuries are frequently life-changing, need daily support or perhaps round-the-clock care. The following are some of the most common catastrophic injuries related with construction site accidents:

  •    Amputation of one or more limbs
  •    Disfigurement for life
  •    Blindness
  •    Severe burns
  •    Injuries to the spinal cord
  •    Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  •    Any other injury that makes it impossible for the worker to do any (or nearly any) type of work


Violations of OSHA Standards 

There are three violations unique to construction sites among OSHA’s top ten most commonly cited standards violations in 2016:

  •    Construction site fall protection standards (number one, overall)
  •    Construction site scaffolding regulations (number three, overall)
  •    Construction site ladder safety standards (number seven, overall)

Workers’ Comp For Construction Site Accident Injuries 

Most construction workers who are injured on the job must seek compensation through workers’ compensation, which gives certain benefits while eliminating the option of suing the employer, except in extremely limited situations. Benefits from workers’ compensation include:

  •    Medical coverage for the rest of your life, including medical costs and transportation fees.
  •    Wage replacement for the time you are unable to work or earn less as a result of your injuries. 
  •    Permanent partial disability payments for injuries such as loss of a limb, partial loss of the use of a limb, loss of hearing or vision, or disfigurement
  •    Lifelong salary replacement for injuries resulting to brain injuries, permanent total disability, lifetime partial disability to two or more extremities, paralysis, or other devastating injuries 

Personal injury lawsuits can be filed by non-employees and workers who have been injured by faulty machinery, tools, or other products.

Should you seek legal advice? 

Construction accident workers’ compensation claims are exceedingly complicated. If you’re critically hurt in a construction accident, you’ll have the best chance of receiving the maximum possible workers’ compensation payments if you hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. If you try to handle your claim without the help of a lawyer, you’re likely to miss out on some or all of the benefits you’re entitled to, or a settlement that sufficiently pays you for your injuries.

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