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Are you stressed out with a vehicle you believe is a lemon? The persistent problems with your car or truck can cause so much hassle that you may be wondering if you can ask the manufacturer for a refund. The good news is that Virginia does have a “lemon law” that not only allows you to pursue a refund or a replacement, but also makes it easier for you to succeed with a lawyer.

Slominski Law is a firm that has been serving Virginians in this field for over a decade. Attorney Slominski has been practicing law since 1991, effectively helping her clients face auto manufacturers.

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Is Your Car A Lemon?

In Virginia, the “lemon law” is officially called the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act. Under this law, your car, truck, motorcycle, or moped can be considered a lemon if one of the following occurred within the first 18 months of the original date of purchase:

  • The vehicle has undergone three unsuccessful attempts at repair, OR
  • The vehicle has undergone one repair attempt for a serious safety defect that still persists, OR
  • The vehicle has been out of service for 30 days or more.

If the vehicle manufacturer cannot fix the lemon, they must conform to the warranty and the law. This means that you may be entitled to either a full refund or a replacement vehicle of equal value to your original purchase.

Pursuing A Successful Lemon Law Claim

To claim your refund or replacement, you must provide the manufacturer with a written notice (not by phone, fax, or email). Your letter should include these details:

  • Your request for a buyback or replacement under the Virginia lemon law
  • Identification of the vehicle, such as its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), year, make, and model
  • List of the vehicle’s problems
  • A copy of each repair order
  • A Return Receipt, so that you have a record of exactly when the manufacturer receives your notice.

Why You Need A Lawyer For Your VA Lemon Law Claim

Car owners typically want to deal with a lemon in the least stressful and least costly way. They might pursue a lemon law claim by themselves, or they may even try to resell the car for a bargain. For those who file a lemon law claim, many auto manufacturers may be cooperative – these companies may want to keep their reputation clean by honoring their own warranties and avoiding legal confrontations.

But in reality, vehicle companies can sometimes make it difficult for consumers to claim a lemon. It is not uncommon for a manufacturer to find ways to deny responsibility. This is where Slominski Law can help you.

  • Legal knowledge and experience. A lawyer that is well-versed with the lemon law can better navigate your case, taking the best steps and avoiding crucial mistakes.
  • Negotiating power. Most lemon law claims involve negotiations between the manufacturer and the customer. With Attorney Slominski representing you, you’ll have more leverage in the negotiation.
  • Protection during arbitration. The automaker may invite you to arbitration, which is a form of dispute resolution involving a neutral third party. You are not legally obliged to go through this process, but if you agree to it, you’ll want a lawyer to advise you on your rights and options.
  • If negotiations or arbitration have failed, or if you believe that the auto company has not been forthcoming with you, you may take your case to trial. Attorney Slominski is prepared to guide you and effectively represent your case in court.

Remember that any legal action you choose to make must be done within 18 months of the original purchase date of the vehicle, so don’t delay consulting with Slominski Law.

A Lemon Law Attorney Does Not Cost You Anything

You don’t have to worry about expensive attorneys. Under the Virginia lemon law, the vehicle manufacturer will be responsible to pay your attorney fees and expert witness fees. You don’t risk any money in consulting with a lemon law attorney.

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