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No matter how careful you are in your daily routine, there is still a chance that someone else’s negligence could cause you harm. Unfortunately, the injuries you sustain could mean massive medical bills, physical incapacity, lost income, and emotional distress. In the field of personal injury law, you may be entitled to compensation for these losses and more.

If you are seeking compensation for accident injuries in Virginia, let Slominski Law help you. We are a homegrown law firm that has been trusted by Virginians for more than a decade. We can advise you on your best legal options and help you obtain the full and rightful compensation you deserve.

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Understanding Virginia Bodily Injury Claims

Not all accidents and injuries are considered personal injury cases. The conventional basis for a personal injury case is negligence. To establish that someone was indeed negligent in your case, these four elements must be present:

  • Duty of care. This is the obligation to act with reasonable care around others. Motorists, for example, have the duty to drive safely when sharing the road with other drivers. For your personal injury case, you must first establish that someone had a duty of care towards you.
  • Failure to exercise care. You must then prove that the person (or persons) failed to exercise their duty of care – for example, by driving drunk or by speeding, thus putting you at risk.
  • This means that the party’s failure to exercise care was the direct cause of – or was a contributor to – your injuries.
  • This is a legal term referring to the losses you incurred because of the incident, such as hospital bills and missed work. It’s important for you to document and understand the true extent of your damages so that you can pursue the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

It takes a good grasp of the law and competent reasoning skills to establish all four elements for a successful personal injury claim. While it is possible to pursue a case on your own, many accident victims find that enlisting a lawyer is the best way to avoid mistakes and ensure their compensation.

Personal Injury Cases In Virginia

Personal injury can occur in a variety of ways. In Virginia, as in most other states, a leading cause of injuries are motor vehicle accidents. According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, 65,306 crash injuries occurred in the state in 2017 alone. Of these, 12,937 were speed-related while 4,430 were alcohol-related.

Here are some types and examples of personal injury that commonly happen in our state:

  • Auto accidents/Car collisions
  • Bicycle or motorcycle crashes
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Truck wrecks
  • Product liability – injuries from unsafe or defective products
  • Work-related injuries
  • Premises liability – injuries in unsafe properties (such as in slip-and-fall accidents)
  • Medical malpractice.

What You May Be Entitled To In a VA Personal Injury Case

Injured individuals often ask us how much they may obtain as compensation. The answer to this varies widely depending on the facts of each case, such as the severity of the injury and the circumstances of the accident. It’s important to understand that you may be compensated not only for your monetary losses but also for other forms of suffering.

In general, there are two types of damages you may be compensated for. The first are economic damages, which are easily quantifiable as a dollar amount. These include your hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, lost income, and reduced ability to earn. The other type of damages is non-economic. They are less tangible and sometimes non-quantifiable, but they can be assigned a monetary value. Examples are pain and suffering, disfigurement, and emotional distress.

Keep in mind that the real value of your losses may not be immediately apparent. For instance, an innocent-looking bruise may actually be a sign of a more serious injury. It is best for you to avoid accepting early offers from insurance companies. Instead, have your doctor thoroughly examine you and consult with a lawyer to determine what your case is really worth.

Personal Injury Settlements in Virginia. Do I need a lawyer?

Claiming compensation for your injury can be challenging, especially because insurance companies are almost always involved. Sadly, they are known to employ strategies and methods to undermine the claims of injured victims. Because of this, combined with the complexities of the law, many claimants end up with much less than they deserve or are outright denied compensation.

Consulting with an experienced Virginia accident lawyer is a wise decision if you want to be justly compensated. At Slominski Law, your attorney can help you by:

  • Determining the maximum compensation you deserve
  • Guiding you in your legal options and next steps
  • Helping you gather evidence and testimony to support your case
  • Working with experts such as doctors, accident reconstruction analysts, and forensic engineers to build a strong case for you
  • Asserting your case against insurance companies or defense lawyers, in or out of court
  • Providing you with consistent updates and clear answers so that you are always on top of your case.

Don’t worry about lawyer fees. With Slominski Law, your attorney won’t charge you unless and until we obtain compensation for you. This way, you can pursue what is rightfully yours without risking a huge amount of money.

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