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Do I Have An Occupational Illness Claim Under Virginia Workers’ Compensation?

If you developed a disease that you believe is caused by your employment, you may be able to claim compensation for it. Though most people think of sudden accident injuries when we talk of workers’ compensation, Virginia workers’ comp also covers an “occupational disease.” What you need to determine first is whether your health condition gives you a valid claim. These are some primary considerations.

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Herniated Disc Workers’ Compensation Settlements In Virginia

Have you suffered a spinal disc injury due to your job? It can be an extremely difficult burden, as you face costly treatments and possibly surgery, as well as lost income incurred from missing work. The pain from your back injury can also affect your daily life and diminish your ability to earn in the future.
Virginia law provides workers’ compensation for on-the-job injuries such as a herniated disk, but in real life, obtaining the amount you need and deserve is challenging. You could be facing an established insurance carrier that is well-prepared to dispute your claim. You may need the help of an attorney to pursue your rightful compensation. We at Slominski Law understand the intricacies of an actual workers’ comp claim. Talk to us to see how we can help you.

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