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CMI Workers Comp – What is Walmart CMI?


Walmart is the world’s largest company in terms of income. It has over two million employees, making it the largest private employer in the world. This makes Walmart very familiar with workers’ compensation claims. Unfortunately, many Walmart employees must go through difficult steps to obtain workers’ compensation benefits for injuries and illnesses sustained while on the job. To make things worse, employees find their job to be at risk after their attempt to make a claim.

Injured employees can file a workers’ compensation claim against Walmart, much like filing a claim against other employers. The difference lies in Walmart’s size, funds, and its ability to assign injured workers to light duty. It aggressively defends itself against workers’ comp claims.

How Walmart defends itself against workers’ compensation claims in Virginia

A third-party administrator (TPA) called Claims Management, Inc (CMI) deals with all personal injury and workers comp claims filed against Walmart.

Claims Management is Walmart’s own insurance adjuster. Its functions include:

  • processing and investigation of claims
  • recording statements from injured employees
  • getting the opinion of the treating physician

CMI does everything that’s necessary to monitor and manage all claims against Walmart. Though CMI is a separate entity, dealing with it is basically dealing with Walmart itself. Be prepared to encounter various obstacles when claiming for Walmart workers’ comp.

Common accidents and injuries suffered by Walmart employees in the workplace

Walmart stores are generally comprised of numerous sections which include:

  • a full-service supermarket with deli and bakery sections
  • general merchandise
  • a portrait studio and a photo processing center
  • a garden and pet center
  • auto mechanic services
  • a restaurant
  • an optical shop

Walmart has hundreds of employees working different positions at each store. They include:

  • cashiers
  • security personnel
  • drivers (delivery, forklift, and others)
  • cart attendants
  • sales floor associate
  • stock workers
  • auto mechanics
  • warehouse personnel
  • inventory receiver
  • greeters
  • bakery staff

Each of these positions have specific duties. Employees must be on their feet during most of their shift doing strenuous work. Due to these physical demands, Walmart workers are prone to the following injuries and health risks:

  • slip and fall injuries
  • carpal tunnel syndrome (caused by repetitive movements over a long period)
  • bursitis
  • back injury shoulder injury
  • neck injury
  • knee injury
  • ankle injury

Long hours of repetitive movements and lifting can injure joints and spine. There is a heightened risk of getting injured as a Walmart employee, no matter the job being performed.

What do I do if I’m injured while working at Walmart?

You must act immediately if you get injured on the job at Walmart. Be sure to take the following steps:

  • Seek immediate medical attention. This can benefit your physical wellbeing as well as your injury claim. Delaying seeing a doctor can subsequently be used to downplay your claim.
  • Let your supervisor know in writing of the accident and all your injuries as soon as it happens. To minimize the risk of rejection, report the incident to your superiors without delay. Save a copy of your written report. Under state laws, you have 30 days after the accident to furnish your employer a written notice of your injury. Allow this deadline to pass and you’ll give Walmart strong reasons to dismiss your claim.
  • File a claim with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. You must file your claim within two years of your injury as stated in the Statute of Limitations law. Failing to meet the deadline will make you lose your rights to claim workers’ comp benefits.
  • Protect your rights with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Get an attorney before giving a recorded statement to Walmart or a CMI insurance claims adjuster.

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