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How Much Does A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Charge In Virginia?


Virginia has workers’ comp laws that keep attorney fees relatively low and proportional to your compensation. Here’s what an injured Virginia resident can expect. 

Workers’ Comp Lawyer Fee System

Unlike attorneys in other fields that charge an hourly rate, workers’ compensation attorneys in VA charge on a “contingency fee basis.” This means that their pay is dependent (or contingent) on the recovery you obtain. Your lawyer will receive a percentage of your settlement amount or court award; if you win nothing, they will also receive no fee.

This means that you risk no money in hiring a VA workers’ comp attorney. This arrangement encourages attorneys to fight effectively on behalf of their clients, as their payment comes from what the clients win.

You don’t even have to shell out money for a consultation. Most workers’ comp lawyers, like Attorney Jaleh Slominski, provide a free initial consultation. If you are not sure what your rights are after your job injury, or how to proceed to claim your workers’ benefits, you can meet with Attorney Slominski free of charge to get some starting advice on your case.

How Much Of My Settlement Goes To My Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

In many other states, there is an attorneys’ fee schedule that sets the general amounts of what lawyers can charge. But in VA, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWC) examines each case individually to set its appropriate fee.

The contingency fee that the VWC typically allows is 20 percent of your settlement or award.

How is the actual percentage determined? The commission’s assessment includes various factors such as the complexity of your case, the amount of time and work your lawyer put in, and the outcome of the case.

The worker’s comp attorney fee of 20 percent is much lower than if you were hiring a personal injury lawyer. In that field of law, the average contingency fee is 33 percent and can go as high as 40 percent.

Overall, the Virginia workers’ comp lawyer fee system makes legal representation more accessible to injured workers.

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