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Hurt on Construction Site in Virginia – What to Do


Construction work can be physically demanding. Long hours, back-breaking labor, and risky working conditions are all factors that make construction work one of the most dangerous jobs around the world. 

Each year, thousands of workers sustain injuries in or around construction sites. These injuries may range from small cuts and bruises to crush injuries that result in fatalities. 

For any worker who has gone through a catastrophic work-related accident at a work site, the number one question they may have is what to do next. Injured workers need to take the right steps to ensure that they are taken care of — medically, legally and financially. 

If you have questions about this process, consult with an experienced Virginia workers’ compensation attorney.

Get Medical Care

No matter how minor an injury may seem, get medical care as soon as possible. Remember, even a seemingly small bruise can be a sign of internal injuries. A workers’ compensation doctor will be able to assess and treat the injury properly, and provide the proper documentation for your claim. 

Document the Accident

If the injured person is physically capable, they should record the accident. Take photos of the accident site and take note of the time and place of the accident as well as potential causes. These records will be indispensable later on during the claims process.

Report the Injury

Workers’ compensation law in Virginia requires the worker to provide a Notice of Accident to their employer within 30 days. This is a legal requirement that the worker shouldn’t ignore as delays or failure to provide a written notice can lead to the claim being denied later on. The worker should also record the name of the person from the company who receives the notice they send.

Gather Evidence

The injured worker should record and preserve evidence of the accident and their injuries. If there are bystanders or witnesses to the accident, it might be useful to ask for their contact information or get them to give a brief summary of the incident. It’s also crucial to take photos of the injuries that the worker sustained, the accident site, and any other tools or equipment that may have been involved in the accident.

Secure Documentation

After the injured worker gets proper medical attention, they should make sure that records of their injuries are all documented and easily accessible. This includes records for their hospitalization, visits, tests, treatments, surgeries, and medication.

Contact a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you or a family member are involved in a construction accident, find legal representation as soon as possible to streamline the claims process. A workers’ compensation lawyer will help you build a strong case and make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

At Slominski Law, our goal is to help protect the rights of workers across the state. We can represent your interests so you can focus on your recovery. Call  (434) 384-9400 to reach our Lynchburg office or at (540) 554-3762 for our Roanoke office to schedule a consultation.