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Travelers Insurance Workers’ Compensation Claims and Settlements


The in-house attorneys handling workers’ compensation cases for Travelers Insurance are well resourced and very capable. Your workers’ comp lawyer should be familiar with them and ready to fight long and hard for you. Let’s set the background.

One of the biggest insurance firms in the world and the biggest underwriter of workers’ compensation insurance coverage in the US is The Travelers Companies, Inc., also known simply as Travelers. It offers workers’ compensation insurance to hundreds of thousands of companies and receives more than 7% of the total annual premiums in the US for workers’ compensation insurance.

Despite having its headquarters in New York City, the firm operates field offices in every state with independent agents and brokers on call. There is a good chance that Travelers insures your employer if you are injured at work.

Dealing with a Travelers claims adjuster

You might need to deal with a Travelers claims adjuster if you sustain injuries in a workplace accident, car accident, or other incident. Some Travelers Insurance claims adjusters are fair and easy to work with, but most can be less willing to provide you the money you require after an accident.

An adjuster’s objective is to settle valid insurance claims for the least amount of money. In other words, the adjuster will have succeeded in their task if they can persuade you to accept a settlement sum that is lower than the total expense of your claim.

Most individuals are aware that auto and homeowners insurance companies are primarily concerned with their bottom line and that doing business with them can be difficult. Less widely recognized is the fact that the same issues arise with claims for workers’ compensation. Employing an attorney familiar with the way Travelers insurance lawyers work will help streamline the settlement process.

Protecting Injured Workers’ Rights

Typical instances of workplace accidents for which you should be compensated by workers’ compensation include:

  • getting injured while performing work-related activities in a car accident
  • sustaining a knee injury after a slip and fall
  • lifting a heavy object and suffering from back or neck pain
  • falling down a ladder
  • and a lot more

According to the law, insurance firms like Travelers are required to fairly and reasonably analyze each and every claim. These businesses run the possibility of being forced to pay the injured worker additional damages for bad faith payment delays if they unjustly delay or deny payments.

Virginia’s Workers’ Comp is a “No-Fault” System

Workers’ compensation in Virginia is a “no-fault” system. It’s meant to be a simple and effective system. If you are injured at work, your employer or its insurance provider is supposed to pay the benefits that you are legally entitled to.

The Virginia workers’ compensation system provides payments to a large number of people who sustain workplace injuries. To receive medical care or benefits to replace lost income, you do not need to establish that your employer was at fault. Instead, you must show that you were an employee who sustained an accident-related injury as a result of and while performing the duties of your employment.

Workers’ compensation, however, rarely operates this way. It has become increasingly complex over time, and many claims have been disputed or denied.

The majority of businesses obtain workers’ compensation insurance from Travelers or another insurance firm. The insurance company then oversees the claim, deciding whether to accept or reject it and what benefits to provide.

The insurance company does not know you personally like your employer does. You are nothing more than a business decision and a number. As a result, injured workers must fend for themselves to get compensated under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.

If Your Employer Has Travelers Insurance, What Should You Do?

Contact a skilled lawyer if your employer has Travelers workers’ compensation insurance. Travelers are well resourced to dispute every aspect of your workers’ compensation claim. They consistently fight to refuse claims when injured workers fail any requirements set forth by the Virginia workers compensation system. To be fair, all opposition insurance company lawyers do that so it is vital to have  a knowledgeable attorney representing you. 

Now, the insurance adjuster may appear to have your best interests in mind, but in reality, they are being paid to make sure you obtain the least amount of compensation for your work injury claim as possible.

How can an insurance claim lawyer familiar with Travelers help?

A skillful workers’ compensation attorney can assist you with your Travelers Insurance claim by managing all areas of your claim and building the necessary proof to provide you the best opportunity for a complete physical, psychological, and monetary recovery. We have dealt with many of Travelers Insurance’s in-house staff attorneys who defend the company in workers’ compensation claims.

Contact an Experienced Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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We have the resources and knowledge to assist you in fighting for your rightful damages and recovering the compensation you are owed.