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Virginia Construction Site Injury – Do you need a lawyer?


Construction accidents can be difficult to receive compensation for. Frequently, firms contest workers’ compensation claims and attempt to minimize payments. An expert attorney can help you ensure that your workers’ compensation claim is filed correctly and that any potential disagreements with the employer will be resolved.

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What Can a Virginia Construction Accident Lawyer Do to Help?

Workers who are injured on the job cannot sue their employers; instead, they must file a workers’ compensation claim. While workers’ compensation provides certain basic benefits, you are not compensated for pain and suffering, and so your pay losses are not fully compensated. Any third-party non-employer who was negligent and caused you harm can be sued for personal injury.

If you got injured or someone close to you was killed on-site while doing construction work, a Virginia construction accident lawyer can help. Construction is a hazardous job, and a major injury can put your career on hold. If you were injured while working on or visiting a construction area, you could be entitled to damages.

Your lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of faulty machinery, project managers who have caused you harm, and a variety of other defendants who may be held liable for your work injuries. They can also help you maximize the compensation award for your claim.

Another crucial reason to call an attorney is for them to do a thorough investigation on your behalf. The attorney will determine the cause of your accident, preserve vital evidence, and identify all parties responsible. A qualified attorney can also assist you in seeking compensation from a negligent third party if your case involves one. Most of the time, this will need your attorney communicating with an insurance provider on your behalf.

Construction Accident Benefits in Virginia

You may suffer more than just a significant injury as a result of your Virginia construction accident. Your ability to work, your income, and your family are all affected by your injury. As a result, you’ll need a construction accident lawyer to make sure you get the workers’ compensation payments you need.

Without the assistance of a lawyer, determining this is difficult. You simply want to return to work or concentrate on your rehabilitation. Your Virginia construction accident lawyer can handle the details of your workers’ compensation claim, allowing you to concentrate on your health and family.

Medical Expenses

You may require medical attention following your Virginia construction accident. Construction accidents can result in a variety of injuries, including head trauma, shattered bones, and serious burns. Getting care as soon as possible can help you recover from your major injuries and will offer your claim a more defined schedule. Fortunately, after your benefits are authorized, your workers compensation will cover your medical bills.

You may also be entitled to compensation for other losses. For example, you may require specialists, and those specialists may be located a few cities away, requiring you to travel. Your lawyer can assist you in recovering compensation for all of the expenses associated with regaining your health.

Disability Benefits

Even if you are unable to work, your bills will continue to be paid. You’ll need disability benefits to replace a portion of your income while you’re unable to work so you can sustain yourself and your family. In most circumstances, you’ll be offered two-thirds of your pre-accident income, but your Virginia construction accident lawyer can assist you in determining this.

Death Benefits

You may not have been hurt in a Virginia construction accident, but a loved one may have died as a result of a deadly work accident. You’re not just mourning; you’re also dealing with the financial consequences of losing their assistance.

Benefits from your loved one’s workers compensation claim may be able to assist you in recouping your losses. Burial expenses are covered up to $10,000 by death benefits. Your loved one’s pay replacement benefits are also covered. If you’re their spouse, these benefits will remain until you remarry. If you’re a young dependent, the benefits will remain until you reach the age of eighteen. 

Can I sue someone for causing my construction accident in Virginia?

If you’re a Virginia construction worker, requesting workers’ compensation benefits may be your best option. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of filing a lawsuit in specific circumstances. If you have any questions concerning your benefits, consult with a construction accident lawyer.

After an accident, how long will it take for my workers’ compensation claim to be approved?

You need money as quickly as possible after a construction mishap. Those bills aren’t going to wait, but what if your workers’ compensation claim takes too long? You can get the aid you need from a Virginia construction accident lawyer to expedite the process. Your attorney can concentrate on getting your claim settled quickly without compromising the entire amount of money you require. 

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