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When Should I Hire an Attorney for Workers’ Comp in Virginia?


Generally, you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you any time you find yourself at odds with the insurance company. You will need to collect evidence in order to dispute the insurance company’s stand, including obtaining professional medical opinions, obtaining non-medical evidence, agreeing to and taking depositions, and/or agreeing to a recorded statement. All these things require the legal skills of an experienced attorney.

When to hire a workman’s comp attorney

Below are situations where you’ll find yourself caught in the middle of a difficult workers’ comp case and promptly require legal assistance.

  1. When you file a workers comp claim following an injury. A lawyer can help you in the process of filing a complete and accurate benefits claim.
  2. When the claims adjuster requires you to furnish a recorded statement. Do not provide a recorded statement or deal with the adjuster without your attorney present.
  3. When your employer threatens to get back at you if you file a workers comp claim. It is unlawful to fire an employee in Virginia for filing a workers’ comp claim or seeking benefits they are entitled to. Consult an attorney immediately.
  4. When your request for workers compensation insurance information is ignored. This is a warning signal that your employer may deny your claim and even furnish their insurance provider information that can harm your case.
  5. When the insurance provider denies your claim for valid or invalid reasons. An attorney can help you file formal paperwork, collect evidence, and present your case at the appeals process
  6. When you have a preexisting health problem. Insurance companies will probably deny your claim for preexisting conditions such as arthritis, degenerative disease, or injuring the same body part before. You will likely win your case with the help of an attorney.
  7. When you have sustained extremely disabling injuries that may stop you from returning to work. Insurance providers know that disability claims can be so expensive and will do anything to keep you from winning or cut down your claim’s value. Seek legal help immediately.
  8. When you have a scheduled workers comp hearing. You’ll need to go to court to win your claim. It will be difficult to dispute charges and present evidence properly without a lawyer.
  9. When you can’t get the medical attention you require. An attorney can pressure the insurance company to provide the authorized appropriate treatment.
  10. When your employer asks you to see a specific doctor or undergo a medical examination to reduce the value of a claim. You have the right to be examined by your own physician. Call your lawyer so you can get the doctor of your choice.
  11. When your employer refuses to accept your light duty limitations. Hire an attorney if your employer or the insurance provider’s nurse forces you to return to work before you are ready
  12. When your permanent impairment rating is opposed. You may be eligible to permanent partial disability benefits for your injuries once you’ve attained maximum medical improvement. You must get a permanent impairment rating from your doctor to receive these benefits. Hire an attorney who can help build up your claim for maximum permanent disability payment.
  13. When a third party is liable for your injury. You may need to take legal action if a third party is responsible for your work injury. Workers’ comp and personal injury claims can occur in a lawsuit, for instance. A knowledgeable attorney can help you navigate through both legal systems.
  14. You’re collecting other disability benefits like Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Long Term Disability which may be decreased if you receive workers’ comp wage loss benefits. An attorney can help minimize the offset made by both the long term disability-workers comp and the SS

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