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Gallagher Basset Workers’ Compensation Settlements


Have you been contacted by Gallagher Bassett in your Virginia worker’s compensation claim? It is common for a third party like Gallagher Bassett to be involved in an injury case like yours but many claimants are unaware of how this group could affect their claim. Learn about who this party is, what they do in a worker’s comp case, and how you can maximize your claim when Gallagher Bassett is involved.

Who Or What Is Gallagher Bassett?

Gallagher Bassett is not an insurance company but a “third-party administrator” (TPA). A TPA is a separate company that handles the claims process on behalf of employers. In the legal industry, we sometimes hear of TPAs being referred to as ‘for-rent insurance adjusters’ because their job is to help the employer save money on claims. In other words, while a TPA is a third party, it is not a neutral entity – it works for your employer.

As of 2017, Gallagher Bassett Services is the fifth-largest TPA in the US, with a revenue of $776 million. According to the company’s own website, they serve employers in industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, education, manufacturing, and government. It also says it has the platforms to put “people back to work sooner.”

What Does Gallagher Bassett Do In Workers’ Comp Claims?

If your employer has hired Gallagher Bassett as its claims administrator, you can expect to deal with a Gallagher Bassett claims associate, claims examiner, or claims assistant throughout your case. As soon as you notify your employer of your injury (as required by Virginia law), your claim will be handed over to the Gallagher Bassett team. The TPA will then have the power to do what insurance adjusters usually do, such as:

  • Investigate your claim
  • Gathering evidence and witness statements
  • Interviewing you for statements
  • Putting together the physician panel from which you can choose
  • Approve or deny doctor visits, treatments, or therapies
  • Coordinating your medical treatment
  • Negotiating your settlement
  • Coordinating with your employer’s insurance company and defense attorneys.

As with any insurance adjuster, dealing with a TPA can be tricky as they are experienced in minimizing claims against employers. For example, they might get a statement from you that downplays the severity of your injury. They might cite any pre-existing condition that you have so they can deny that your injury was work-related. Some injured claimants even say that they’ve been asked unusual questions by claims administrators, such as their hair and eye color. This possibly indicates that the TPA is setting up surveillance on the claimant or looking at their social media postings – another known practice in their managing of claims.

Maximizing Your Settlement When Dealing With Gallagher Bassett

It’s common for workers’ comp claimants to experience frustration when they deal with Gallagher Bassett by themselves. TPAs like this usually have delay-and-deny tactics that leave injured workers with much less compensation than they deserve.

Negotiating with an adjuster for maximum compensation is almost always futile until you lawyer up. Even if you don’t intend to go to trial, having an attorney on your side gets the administrator to take you seriously and improves your negotiating power. Your attorney can also protect you from making mistakes that could hurt your claim.

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