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Kroger Workers’ Compensation Claims


Kroger is the second largest private employer in the U.S. Its over 400,000 employees work in various jobs that include managers, cashiers, machine operators, medical professionals, baggers, cart attendants, and warehouse workers. These workers are routinely exposed to the different hazards of the Kroger workplace. If you were injured during work, you may receive the benefits you deserve by filing a workers’ compensation claim after the accident.

What is Workers’ Compensation and what are its benefits?

An accident in the workplace can result in serious injuries. It is not an employee’s responsibility to pay for the treatment of the injuries they suffered. In most states, businesses are required to provide workers’ compensation to their employees who got injured at work.

Workers’ compensation is a benefits system whereby the employer must provide insurance or compensation to cover an injured employee’s medical expenses and lost income. It is available to employees who risk getting sick or injured after being exposed to dangerous conditions in the workplace. You may be eligible for further compensation if you get partially or permanently disabled.

Workers’ compensation can sometimes be denied due to the following reasons:

  • you caused your own accident intentionally
  • you were either drugged or drunk when the accident happened
  • the accident didn’t occur at Kroger
  • you were no longer a Kroger employee when you filed the claim

What are the hazards involved in the Kroger workplace?

If you work at Kroger, you can expect to be exposed to various hazards that may lead to serious accidents. You can potentially be injured if you:

  • reach inventory by climbing ladders and stepstools
  • get exposed to cold in refrigerated areas while refilling stock
  • help in store cleaning and maintenance
  • usually lift heavy packages and boxes from delivery trucks to the storage area
  • use your hands in a repetitive motion to perform tasks which can result in carpal tunnel syndrome

Kroger employees usually get injured when they slip and fall due to:

  • a wet floor caused by leaky refrigeration units and product spills
  • slippery surfaces caused by filth from customers’ footwear and grease
  • an icy or uneven parking lot while retrieving shopping carts or assisting customers to their vehicles

These and other work-related tasks can expose Kroger employees to a range of injuries from twisted ankles to back sprains to serious brain injuries.

What can you do when you are injured at the Kroger workplace?

If you are severely injured, then you may not be able to report back to work until you have completely recovered. This can lead to added emotional and financial strain as you struggle to recuperate from your physical injuries.

Kroger is the largest national grocery company that has over 2,700 stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies in 34 states. Because of the size of its workforce, Kroger must provide workers’ compensation insurance for its employees. As its employee, you may be qualified to medical bill reimbursement, lost income replacement, and partial disability payment with the aid of their workers’ compensation program.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim after a workplace injury may help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Obtaining these benefits, however, has its difficulties. Kroger have lawyers, nurse case managers, and insurance adjusters to defend them against your claim. You must come prepared with plenty of paperwork if you want to ensure a winning claim against Kroger.

Get immediate medical treatment after the accident has occurred and let your supervisor know about it. Kroger only allows treatment at a particular medical facility or from one of its own physicians. Choose this option first if you are aware of this. You can be treated by a physician you prefer after you negotiate later.

You must file a claim for compensation before the statute of limitations expires. The claim must be filed within two years of your injury or when you became aware of your injury, otherwise you lose your rights to your benefits.

Next, contact workers’ compensation attorney Jaleh K. Slominski who can help you recover the medical treatment expenses, permanent disability compensation, and lost wages you deserve.

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