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Truck Accidents

In the realm of auto accidents, semi truck accidents are in a category all their own. These giant vehicles pose a threat to every other driver and passenger on the road. Keep reading to learn what makes 18-wheeler accidents unique, as well as what makes truck accident lawsuits different from most other motor vehicle accident claims.

Trucks Are Far Larger And Heavier Than All Other Vehicles

In any collision between a semi and another vehicle, the semi always wins. It should come as no surprise that truck accidents are more likely to result in serious bodily injury or death than other accident scenarios.

Not only are trucks far bigger and heavier than other vehicles, they also ride higher off of the road. This creates the potential for dangerous underride accidents, where smaller vehicles crash into the back of a semi and have the front end of their vehicle pulled under the trailer. The passenger area of the smaller car is often crushed in the process.

Truck Drivers May Not Be Safe Behind The Wheel

While most commercial truck drivers obey traffic laws and practice safe driving, there are many who don’t. Truck accidents are often the result of driver error or negligence. Common causes of truck crashes include:

  • Driver fatigue (from driving in violation of hours-of-service regulations)
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving distracted by a cellphone
  • Improper driver training
  • Failure to maintain and repair the vehicle (worn-out brakes, etc.)
  • Carrying loads that are improperly secured, too heavy or unbalanced
  • Failure to check blind spots and mirrors before turning or changing lanes

Any of these hazards can easily lead to a fatal accident.

Trucking Companies And Drivers May Be Held Liable For Accidents

Unlike crashes involving personal-use vehicles, commercial vehicle accidents leave multiple parties liable, including the truck driver (who is an employee) and the company that hired him.

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